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SM Update: 5

Social Media UpdateEntry 5: Scarlatti Sonata in B minor K27 on harp Domenico Scarlatti wrote the timeless 555 Sonatas for hapsichord in the early 18th century. They are still played today all over the world time and again, and very much loved by classical music fans....

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SM Update: 4

UpdatesEntry 4: How music has changed my life.One of the things I’ve come to fall in love about music is how much it relates to all aspects of LIFE! Not only is it enjoyable, but studying music has helped me develop as a human being. It has taught me to overcome my...

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SM Update: 3

NewsEntry 3: Debussy's Danses Sacrée et ProfaneToday I wanted to share with you a snippet of Debussy’s ‘Danses Sacrée et Profane’ performed a couple of years ago, when it we could be with live audiences and perform with large groups. Debussy was one of the most...

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SM Update: 2

NewsEntry 2: Fauré - Une chatelaine dans sa tour “Chatelaine dans sa tour” is one of two solo compositions Gabriel Fauré wrote for the harp. The piece is a miniature based on the poem “Une sainte en son auréole” by the famous symbolist poet Paul Verlaine. Its intimate...

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SM Update: 1

NewsEntry 1: J.S. Bach, Prelude from Lute Suite no. 1 BWV 996 I'd like to welcome you to my website with some J.S. Bach! As all harpists know, J.S. Bach, never really composed specifically for the harp, but that doesn't mean we won't play his wonderful music! This...

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