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Entry 2:

Fauré – Une chatelaine dans sa tour

“Chatelaine dans sa tour” is one of two solo compositions Gabriel Fauré wrote for the harp. The piece is a miniature based on the poem “Une sainte en son auréole” by the famous symbolist poet Paul Verlaine. Its intimate and romantic feel evokes an image of “courtly love,” a love from afar.
The poem:
A Saint in her halo,
A Châtelaine in her tower,
All that human words contain
Of grace and love;
The golden note of a horn
In forests far away,
Blended with the tender pride
Of noble Ladies of long ago;
And then – the rare charm
Of fresh, triumphant smile,
Flowering in swan-like innocence
And the blushes of a child-bride;
A nacreous sheen of white and pink,
A sweet patrician harmony –
All these things I see and hear
In her Carolingian name.

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